Amazon Web Services Program

Jan, 2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the product of Amazon, which is one of the most widely used Cloud Computing platforms across the world. It functions on the basis of a “pay as you go” model. AWS is very much popular in the market because of its simplicity, robustness, security, and scalability. Our AWS course is well structured, helping the students dig into all the relevant topics of AWS which are vital for a learner. With this AWS training, you will learn how cloud computing reduces the cost of IT infrastructure and help companies, to grow with the best practices recommended by Amazon.

AWS course highlights!

On completion of AWS training candidates are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Understanding of key characteristics of Cloud Computing.
  • Knowledge of service model like SAAS (software as a service), PAAS (platform as a service), IAAS (Infrastructure as a service).
  • Knowledge of virtualization and networking concepts used in cloud computing.
  • Complete understanding of Amazon EC2 service concepts.
  • Knowledge of how to setup Amazon EC2.
  • Knowledge of Amazon S3.
  • Understanding of Amazon ELB services.
  • Knowledge of Amazon RDS and VPC.
  • Complete understanding of CDN, S3, EIP, KMS, Glacier, Snowball, Cloud front, Autoscaling, Cloud watch, Elastic cache, Cloud trail and security.

Course Content

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