Blue Prism Programme

Jan, 2020

Blue Prism is a company specializing in creating automation software. Blue Prism pioneered the robotic process automation software to create programs to do high risk and low skill level data entry and processing jobs. The Blue Prism software is revolutionary in nature as they eliminate the possibility of manual and human errors in data entry through custom robotic software that does rules-based work clearly defined by the administrator. The automation software provides a digital workforce that is highly efficient and error-free which makes it a more cost-effective choice for large corporations and IT companies with enormous daily data entry and processing needs. A Blue Prism robotic process automation software is capable of providing a seamless and error-free highly efficient digital workforce that leaves your employees and staff to focus on more productive projects and the fields they excel in rather than waste time on data entry sky-rocketing company efficiency to whole new levels.

Blue Prism has created a vacuum in the field of IT professionals due to the lack of qualified personnel adapt in handling the robotic automation software and the technology in general. The technology has already broken barriers and entered a number of industries and fields and is constantly creating new markets for itself. From banking to finance, insurance, legal services, public sector enterprises, healthcare, public utilities and even handling consumer goods all of these fields are now seeing successful implementation of this digital workforce which allows companies to free up valuable human resources to do more challenging and productive work than mere data entry and processing.

Blue Prism course highlights!

On completion of Blue Prism training candidates are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Complete understanding of Blue Prism Robotic Automation.
  • Knowledge of Process Studio.
  • Ability to create rules for the software to follow and implement.
  • Complete knowledge of Input and Output Parameters.
  • Knowledge of Process Flow.
  • Understanding of Object Studio.
  • Error management and prevention.
  • Complete knowledge of Exception Handling.
  • Knowledge of Release Manager.
  • Knowledge of Environment Locking.

Course Content

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