MIS Training Programme

Jan, 2020

MIS (Management Information Systems) is the way of processing data and information to help decision makers in making effective business related and day to day decisions. The system is in place to ensure that a business can run effectively and all business-related data is stored properly and is easy to access and refer whenever the need arises. Management Information Systems (MIS) is responsible for ensuring the day to day communication within the company and between the employees to allow for easy sharing and accessing of data required by them and the company as a whole for its operations and taking future business and policy decisions. It is a semi-structured system and is of immense help to the managers to make tactical decisions.

The training course in MIS is created keeping in mind the demands of the multinational corporations and big industries which rely heavily on MIS professionals to facilitate their day to day work. The convenience provided by MIS cannot be overlooked in today’s world where speed and efficiency are equal if not more important than profits for the corporations and hiring qualified MIS professionals enables these companies to further add to their efficiency. The MIS training programme is well suited and tailored to enable individuals to be transformed into business policy driving professionals.

MIS course highlights!

On completion of MIS training candidates are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Complete understanding of MS-Excel Workbooks and worksheets handling.
  • Knowledge of VBA.
  • Ability to write macros and use array formulas.
  • Complete knowledge of VBA operators and expressions.
  • Knowledge of Conditional Branching.
  • Understanding of MySQL.
  • Functions in SQL.
  • Complete knowledge of basic RDBMS concepts.
  • Knowledge of Looping.
  • Knowledge of Tableau.

Course Content

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